Friday, February 10, 2012

Women's Own Lips World's Largest

Women's Own Lips World's Largest

Idolized cartoon sexy Jessica rabbit, make this woman has a mouth like his idol obsessed. Kristina Rei is a new 22-year-old earned the nickname as a woman with the biggest mouth in the world, having received 100 injections of silicone in her lips.

Kristina pleaded not satisfied with his thin lips so he chose to perform in accordance with lip augmentation lip cartoon idol. To get the full lips and large, unsparing, he spent more than £ 4,000, or about Rp57 million.

Admittedly, any silicone injections cost £ 40 and very painful. However, a woman from St. Petersburg, Russia, confirmed that he would not stop.

"I look fantastic and it makes me happy. Sometimes, strangers scoff, but I do not care. I want to look more extreme, like a cartoon character. I am addicted and love it," Kristina said, quoted by the Daily Mail.

He said that once his lips are too small and always comparing with people disekitarnya.Ia said that his brother, Ira, have beautiful lips, full. "Like Jessica Rabbit, and he is a picture of the perfect woman."

Admittedly, the desire to raise the lips have occurred when he was four years old. Arises because the desire to feel different from his brother and the proliferation of silicone and botox advertisements on television.

"In school, my friends scoff and call me as 'ugly' (ugly). Indeed, they do not mock my thin lips, but I believe a large and full lips will make me look beautiful," he said.

At the age of 17 years, Kristina decided to get silicone injections first. "The first injection is very painful, but I like the results. I realized that I would do a lot more shots to get the results I want."

Sure enough, after the first injection, he decided to get silicone injections in her lips on a regular basis. It also made him more confident. "In fact, my parents happy. Though some friends advised me to not memerbesar my lips again, I have not been satisfied."

Never mind the stares of strangers he met, Kristina who has never had a lover loves his appearance at this time. "Sometimes I love the attention I get like when some people try to take my picture on their phone," he said.

Although very confident, that does not mean Kristina never been hurt by the ridicule of others to it. Admittedly, some often ridicule him hurt like when they say that Kristina looks like a man.

With lip size, Kristina admits that they could feel the delicious food, talking. In fact, kissing without pain. Have not had a greater effect on his life, he was not going to stop the process of enlargement of lips.

Moreover, he believed that he was doing is safe and without health consequences. Not only want to continue to enlarge their lips, he admitted that he would make some modifications to the body.

"I will enlarge my breast from C to DD cup, changing the shape of the nose, pointy ears and make me like a fairy picture," he said.


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